fanitha (fanitha) wrote,

Softsubs for Kisumai BUSAIKU!? 2016.02.22

So this is my second release, this are softsubs for episode aired on 2016.02.22.

Remember that English is not my first language so I beg for your comprehension when using the subs, I tried to make them as clear as possible. I will gladly welcome any feedback you can give me as I will like to improve my subbing abilities.

Hope you enjoy watching this episode, there was a shocking result for "The King", Fujigaya!!!

Ok so now to the link, these are only softsubs format .ass so please be sure to have a video player that reads this subtitles. I recomend VCL media player.
I used the raw video file shared on kis_my_ft2

Please: NOT streaming of my subs, retranslations nor profitting from them. Thank you.
Tags: kiss_my_ft2, kisumai_busaiku, softsubs, subs
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